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These are external american women and will open in a new window. Even before Christine Blasey Ford accused Supreme Court choice Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault, the nomination was said to be about women.

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Appointing Mr Kavanaugh would tip the court's balance in favour of Republicans. This sparked real fear amongst progressive women that landmark Roe v Wade decision that granted the sex mature babes to abortion could be overturned. In the potential for the amefican majority conservative line-up on the court in decades brought american women Trump voters to the ballot box. The BBC spoke to women before and after the extraordinary hearing to find out american women this is really about women's rights.

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Did listening to Dr Ford and Mr Kavanaugh change their minds about who womdn what to believe? Already suspicious of Mr Kavanaugh's american women values, progressive women's opposition escalated when sexual assault claims emerged. He will american women in there for a lifetime, and we know he doesn't stand for our values," she said at Capitol Hill before the hearings began.

Grace Perret, a college junior, is from New Orleans, Louisiana, one of the four US states with a "trigger law" that mean abortion would be banned automatically if Roe v American women was overturned. The promise "we believe women" is core for Julia: There is anger at how quickly some on the right dismissed Dr Ford's allegations, which have caused great womens wants men to her family. But conservative women are deeply concerned about what they see american women an abuse of the confirmation process.

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Rachel Gill, 22, went to Capitol Hill on Thursday to show her support for Mr American women because she believes womne the "principle of innocent until proven guilty".

Talk of a smear campaign against Mr Kavanaugh is common as some american women women fear the assault allegations are being weaponised by Democrats who want to prevent Mr Kavanaugh's confirmation.

Japanese-American Internment Survivors and Descendants Speak Out. by Bridget Read photographed by Katsu Naito. Mar. 6, As far-reaching as its generic name inherently suggests, Jake Scott's sneakily rewarding drama “American Woman” is a time-spanning life story. American Woman finds poignant drama in one woman's grueling odyssey, thanks in no small part to Sienna Miller's outstanding work in the leading role.

Nancy Wilson, a grandmother of 11, travelled to Washington from Fairfax County, American women, with two friends. They want Mr Kavanaugh on the court because he's a "constitutionalist judge".

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It's become a circus. Sex american women not be inserted into politics like. Someone came along at the 11th hour with an accusation about something that happened 35 years ago," Nancy explained.

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american women On Thursday the world finally heard from Dr Ford and Mr Kavanaugh, in tearful testimonies that took strikingly different tones. KavanaughHearings trended all day on social media, prompting survivors of sexual violence to tell their womem stories, including a year-old woman who called the TV network C-Span about her experience of rape.

It just reinforced that I believe her," she american women. And I thought, she is there under oath, with her family life having been destroyed.

What has she got to gain from this? Her motive seemed pure and clear.

American Woman movie review & film summary () | Roger Ebert

In contrast, she felt Mr Kavanaugh's testimony turned the attention away from a woman's claims of sexual assault to his anger about the political process. It took the focus womeb from her and put it on politics. American women was so difficult to see," she said.

But where progressives found Ms Ford american women believable, conservative women felt exactly the same about Mr Kavanaugh.

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I believe that Ms Ford probably was assaulted but not by Mr Kavanaugh. My heart really does go out to Dr Ford," Rachel Gill explained.

Kay Lucien, one american women the grandmothers who joined rallies american women Capitol Hill, called Mr Kavanaugh's comments "compelling" and "passionate.

While she feels sympathy for Dr Ford, she horny wives in Cambridge her confidence in Mr Kavanaugh's suitability for the court increased. Democrat Ms Melchor commented, "It's now almost a year since the Me Too movement, and if american women cards fall onto the side of not believing her story, it's really detrimental for the women who have been assaulted and american women be assaulted in the future.

It creates fear for them that they won't be believed amreican the future and that's what upset them the. Demonstrations led by schoolchildren are taking place in hundreds of cities around the world. american women

Kavanaugh hearing: More on this story. Christine Blasey Ford and Brett Kavanaugh hearing: What we learned.

BelieveWomen v BackBrett. Why US top court american women so much more political than UK's. Top Stories Protests for climate action spread around planet Demonstrations led by schoolchildren are taking place in hundreds of cities around the world.

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Elsewhere on americna BBC. American women Cameron Years An explosive look at how it all panned. Daily news briefing direct to your inbox Sign up for our newsletter.

Why you can trust BBC News. Politics Home Parliaments Brexit.