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Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 20th April 2019 Written Episode Updates

Durga says I am responsible for all this. My brother did all this. AJ says where is Rocky? Guddan says his phone is off. AJ says we will trace his location. Saru says wow durga you did an amazing acting. You sacrificed your brother to save yourself.

AJ locks Guddan in a room. He says you stay here. Guddan says open it. I am coming too. AJ says no you’re not coming. Dadi says God please protect both of my sons.
AJ comes to the garage. Rocky si there. He says don’t come close I will kill him.

Guddan says dadi please open the door. I have to go there with AJ. He is alone.
Angat says bhai let Rocky kill please go from here. This is what I deserve after what I did. AJ says no one will die here.

Guddan comes there and says we are live. Everyone will see what you are doing and you are a killer. Leave Angat and everyone. Rocky leave them. SHe says police is seeing all this. He says oh internet gone. Rocky picks the gun. He says you are such a fool. He pputs gun on her. The bullets are empty. AJ took all of them. He says don’t act smart with me. Police takes Rocky.

Angat comes home. Dadi slaps him. She says you are so shameless. He still saved your life. AJ says what you did with Guddan is unforgivable. You have disrespected her. You looked at my wife that way. Only I have right to be in her life. Angat says I am sorry. I made a mistake by disrespecting Guddan bhabhi. AJ makes Guddan wear mangalsutra. Guddan says I willl always keep you happy. AJ says I love you and I am sorry for my mistake.

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