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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 21st April 2019 Written Episode Updates

The Episode starts with Amma calling Happu and asks what did you say to Benny that I crack stupid jokes. She says Chamchi told me everything. Happu thinks his kids spy on him. Amma asks him to come home and see her sense of humour. Rajjo calls Happu. Happu picks her call and asks what she is doing? Rajjo says she is catching crocodile. Happu asks her to talk to him lovingly and says I am your husband. Rajjo says you must have remembered when badmouthing about me. She says hritik told everything to me that you feel like crying hearing my jokes. Happu says I was joking. Rajjo asks how dare you to say that and asks him to come home. Happu ends the call and says raita is splashed. He comes home and calls Benny, but he didn’t come. Happu gives Vimlesh’s promise. Benny comes out and asks what Rajesh made you eat today. Happu says he didn’t go home fearing the war. He asks him to make her meet his Vimlesh. Happu tells that he is afraid to go home fearing mahabharat. Benny says Vimlesh is decent and matured woman. Happu asks him to leave the talk and come with him to his house to change the topic. Benny says ok, I am great at diverting topics.
Amma waits for Happu. Happu comes home with Benny. Amma taunts him. Happu says I was with Benny. Malaika asks shall I get up from my place. Benny asks Rajjo what she made today. Rajjo says kerela..bittergourd. Benny says he don’t eat. Rajjo tells that she asked the recipe from vimlesh. They ask him to eat. Malaika tells Rajjo that her sense of humor is bad. Happu asks Kat, how was the drama arrangements? Kat tells that Kamlesh is preparing for the play.

Happu says Kamlesh as Yamraj…and laughs. Benny tells about Guru Dronacharya asking Eklavya to give his thumb in Guru Dakshina. Kat asks who is Eklavya? Amma says he is Chela/Shishya like your father is to your mum. Happu says Eklavya had given his thumb as guru dakshina. Rajjo says you didn’t study. Amma taunts her.

Later Amma is sitting, when her husband appears infront of her. She says medicine is looking bitter. He asks her to drink rasgulla sheera. Amma says I was thinking where were you? Her husband tells that he can’t anywhere without her permission. Amma tells that Happu is thinking himself as tees maar khan. Happu comes there and asks if she had food. Amma asks did you bring nargisi kofta for me, for that I shall wait. Happu says I will present my neck as Kofta. Amma slaps him. He husband says good shot. Happu asks if dokar is near? Amma slaps him again and again. Happu asks why did you slap me. Amma asks how dare you to cut my talks. Happu says he did it to please Rajjo. Amma asks if he is not lying. Happu says I tell truth always to you. Amma says I will tell you joke, and tells that once a miser man slaps his son. Happu laughs. Amma slaps him and says this is not one line joke. She says neighbor came and asks why did you beat him. The man tells the neighbor that he asked his son to climb leaving one stair so that chappal gets less used, but the boy climbed leaving two stairs and that torn his pajama. She laughs. Happu gets forced laugh and comes to his room. Rajjo asks him to cover the bedsheet rightly and asks why was he laughing? Happu says Amma told a humorous joke. Rajjo asks him to take her to police station. She blames him for getting married to her, but not loving her. Happu says Amma is aged and her balance gets ruined. Rajjo says my balance is ruined. He says your sense of humor is good. Happu tries to make Rajjo eat chocolate, just then baby starts crying. Happu says you don’t have tea to eat chocolates. Baby pee on his face.

Precap: Happu tells Rajjo and Amma that he will come home and talk to them. Rajjo asks him if he want to squeeze the lemon.

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