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Ishq Mein Marjawan 22nd April 2019 Written Episode Updates

Arohi says to Deep how am I here? Deep brings her close and kisses her. Arohi says what are you doing. He says you burned those papers. She says I didn’t burn anything. He says it was you. I know you did this. Aroi says it must be Netra not me. Go and ask her. She is upto something. Deep says you can’t defeat me. Arohi says who burned it? Netra or Tara?

Deep stops his car and drinks. His manager says those papers are burned.
Deep says to Wasu I am such a devil. Everything and everyone I loved wanted to go away from me. I wanted to open this college and someone burned the papers. Netra comes there. she feels bad. Deep says I fail in everything good I try. Thank God I found Netr.a deep says ma are you listening.. Netra leaves. Deep says I should be the best actor.

Netra comes to Tara’s room and looks for something. She says Tara doesn’t have it? So Arohi does? She calls her man and says you have to be careful with Arohi. Listen to the plan.

A man says to Arohi you think you can shake hand with tara? She says Tara is dangerous but I know she can’t harm me for now. Someone knocks on the door. Arohi sees a biker. She reads a letter meet me in the street. You will know everything.

Arohi comes to the street. Netra’s man is there He says Tara wants to kill you. She can harm me. Aroi says who are you. He says that’ doesn’t matter.
Netra looks for something in Arohi’s room. She finds the papers. NEtra keeps the papers in the locker. Arohi comes there. she says stop playing these games with me. I saw you one bikee. I caught you red handed. Netra says I will take everything from you. Netra and Arohi put guns on each other. Arohi leave the gun. They both punch each other. Lights turn off a someone takes the papers. Arohi says your man did this. It must be your man. NEtra says you did this. You got those diamonds stolen.

Deep plays with the diamonds. Wasu says where did you find this from? HE says they can’t fool me. They can’t win from me. Wasu says you are a genius.

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