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Kasautii Zindagii Kay 19th April 2019 Written Episode Updates

The Episode starts with Komolika asking how dare you slap me, I m Komolika Chobey Basu, I will not leave anyone, I will not leave you, you slapped me. She falls on the bed and sleeps. Anurag says what did I do. Constable gives food to Prerna and asks her to finish it in 10 mins. Prerna sits sient. She recalls Anurag. She says time, situation and Anurag changed, but I didn’t change, I feel just heart says the truth. Veena and Shivani meet Rajesh’s friend. The man says I respect Rajesh, this case is complicated. Veena says Rajesh used to say you are a good lawyer, we may take your help and blindly trust you, Prerna is in jail, the allegations are false, she can’t cheat anyone. He says better hire a bigger lawyer. Shivani says all the lawyers refused to take this case, mum said she has much faith in you. He says don’t misunderstand me, I can’t fight this case, my family’s safety is my priority, Komolika’s dad has high power connections, none can fight this case in front of Anurag and Komolika’s powers. Prerna says I have started to hate myself along with hating you. Puchta hai ye dil….plays…. Anurag comes there and holds the wall. He sits there. Prerna cries. He cries.
Tu meri mai tera…..plays… Komolika wakes up and sees the slap mark on her cheek. She says who has slapped me, why will Anurag slap me, Prerna is in jail, I should visit her. Anurag asks can you do it. Lawyer says case is complicated, be ready for money flow, don’t worry Prerna will get free, I just have two hours for case study, that’s enough for me, fine I should leave. Anurag says Mr. Verma, I need a favor from you, when you meet Prerna’s mum, don’t mention my name, ignore the money talks, tell her that you know Rajesh. Verma says you want to save an innocent person and don’t want them to know it. Anurag says this is called the test of life. Constable says someone has come to meet you. Prerna asks what are you doing here again Anurag. She sees Komolika.

Komolika says really Prerna, Anurag here? You think you will create a misunderstanding and we will fight, no, I will never doubt you, I came to give you good news, Basu family welcomed me home as per the rituals, my grahpravesh is done, I came to see your sad face, I will go. Prerna says check visitors’ register while leaving, Anurag came to meet me, he said he hates you, he still loves me, he is trapped by you, he shared everything and hugged me. Komolika says shut up, you are a liar, you don’t know how much you value to him, do you want to know, zero… have you ever thought why he stopped loving you, you would think how it all got over suddenly, he traded his love, he sold your love to me, he is a businessman, he knows what’s right and what’s wrong with me, he knew he will need my money, he values time and money, so he married me, I bought your love from him. Prerna says all this is a lie.

Komolika says you are a fool, love doesn’t exist, Anurag proposed to me, he said he loves me, I know he doesn’t love me, he wanted to marry me for business benefits, its imp for him to keep me happy, he is charming, look at you, where did you reach for him, so I accepted this deal and bought your love, he knew it, that he will have big contacts if he marries me, its all about power and money. Prerna says you are lying. Komolika says you should read newspapers. Basu publications have got big govt projects. Anurag is on magazine coverpage, because he chose me, he got money and power, if he had married you, he would have never got all this, he chose money and I got Anurag, if he married you, he would have got burdened by two families’ responsibilities, I made him a business tycoon, my dad has given him a big project as a wedding gift, your dad depended on his salary cheque. Prerna says no, you are lying.

Komolika says you married him right, calm down, he applied the so called sindoor, why did he back off, tell me, you would not be able to do this for him, whatever I did for him. Prerna says he can’t leave me for his greed, I know him, you don’t know him. Komolika says fine, tell me, he married you and didn’t tell anyone, everyone was present in my marriage, he wanted to tell everyone that he was marrying me. Prerna says I could accept that he falls in love with someone else, but he can’t choose money. Komolika says the desire to be a successful businessman, Anurag was just using you, he sold his true love to me. Prerna says no, please stop it, he can’t do this, he loved me. Komolika says Anurag is my husband, I have to tell you, nothing is imp than profits for a businessman, when this deal happened, my phone camera was left on, I have the proof, do you want to see.

Anurag says Prerna is playing mind games with you. Komolika says you are playing with me, Sanjay said you didn’t go office yesterday, Prerna said you met her, do you have another story. Prerna says I went to meet Prerna, yes.

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