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Nimki Mukhiya 20th April 2019 Written Episode Updates

Deep says to Ritu your MIL has gone crazy. Ritu says everyone in this house. Babbu and Annaro come in angry. Babbu says see this poster. Nimki is doing this. Ritu says it is so difficult to understand her. Annaro says it’s all over the village. Ritu says what will we do about it. Sweeti reads it and smiles. she says Babbu what is this? Annaro says why don’t you kill her and end this? Jhariya says I removed all the posters. Diamond this poster was on our car. Sweeti says Jhariya was roaming around with it? BAbbu slaps him. Ritu says we can’t prove Nimki did this. Sweeti says you recall all laws in front of you.

Nimki says Moraylal did such a good job. Tune says what if Babbu finds out moraylal did all this. Abhi says we have to keep it a secret.
Tettar says Nimki wants us to react. BAbu says people are talking about me. Tettar says calm down. You are Tettar’s son. Babbu says I am calling that Nimki. Tettar says calm down. Nimki calls Babu and says you give me a missed call now? I heard you got you posters placed everywhere. You look good in it. Babbu says I wont leave you for doing this. Nimki says how will you prove it? You are so popular now. Babbu breaks the phone in anger.
Jharya says there are more posters. Babbu shoots towards him. Jhariya hides.
Scene 2
Mauha says Mono why don’t you have good masks? Nimki gets Mono new bag. Mauha says he didn’t do his homework. Nimki says you act like a 60 years old. Abhi calls Nimki. She says Mr. Abhimanu Rao. He says Sakshi used to call me with that name. ABi says I was wondering if Sweeti can give a statement in court. Nimki says interested in her again? Abhi says shut up. Nimki laughs.

Babbu burns the posters. Diamond says Nimki did all this. Jharyia says I want to burn her house like this. Sweeti comes there. Babbu says I burned every poster. Nimki says how will you remove it from minds. You are a rapist and that is true. She leaves. Sweeti says I will wait for justice from court. If they can’t serve it, I will. And then you will see how other people can shoot too.

Nimki’s lawyer asks Dablo and sweeti what happened on fashion show night. Sweeti says Tettar came home in dirt. Babbu got angry. Amma sent him to kill Nimki.

Precap-Sweeti talks to Nimki and abhi about the case. Annaro hears.

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