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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 22nd April 2019 Written Episode Updates

The episode starts with kanha on garud dev. Garud dev flies fast and kanha says garud dev, we have to reach surya lok before sunset so be quick because we have to save devi ila and also defeat karnasura. Garud dev says yes prabhu, surya dev has become egoistic and I am eager to teach him a lesson.
In vrindavan, all people start hearing again as their sight of hearing returns. Radha’s blows the conch shell and its sweet sound gives everyone their hearing power back. yashoda and damodar talk and yashoda says damodar why did you break all the pots? Damodar says I can hear properly now, I broke it because you told me so. Yashoda says who blew the shell? kanha is not here. damodar and yashoda go to check. All people gather as they get back their hearing sight.
Radha and gargacharya come. All people say what had happened? Because we could not hear anything before the shell blew. Yashoda says who blew the shell? radha says I did kaki, because kansa had sent a demon who had taken all of your sight of hearing, so I blew the shell because it is the most holy sound in the universe. Gargacharya says yes, but the problem is not over. Karnasura watches from the hill and laughs, he removes a drop of blood from his ears and throws it in vrindavan. The blood enters the ear of a man in the village. The man starts screaming in pain, all people are scared and confused. The man falls down and suddenly a clone of the man appears when his blood falls on the ground and it turns into a demon. All people are scared. The demon screams in anger in the form of the man as the man is lying down in pain. Gargacharya says this demon has to be stopped.
In Mathura, kansa scolds karnasura and says you fool, your powers didn’t work, did they? And you think you can kill vira laxmi? Karnasura is silent. Kansa says speak you fool, or did that radha take away your sight of hearing? Karnasura says kansa, you don’t know about my powers, I am the ansh of the demon raktbeej and so even when my blood falls on the ground, it turns to demons. Mata danu says he is right. Karnasura says I have left my blood to the people of vrindavan, this way the people themselves will be turned to demons and they will kill radha. So radha wil have to anyway take the vira laxmi avatar, then I will go and kill that avatar. kansa says I know you have powers that is why I gave you this task, now go and complete it. karnasura goes. Kansa laughs and says chakradhari Vishnu, now that vira laxmi wont be safe anymore.
In vrindavan, damodar says we should fight the demon and beat him with sticks. Girdhan and damodar take sticks and touch the demon, they get electrocuted as they scream in pain. The people start throwing stones at the demon, and damodar and girdhan are saved. The demon runs away. Damodar says all people, lets go and don’t take sticks, we will use stones and kill that demon. All people go.
Kanha flies towards the sun and surya dev says kanha, I know you want my karna kundal but no one can come to surya lok unless I wish so! Garud dev says to kanha, surya dev is increasing his heat to stop us. kanha says today surya dev can do anything, but he cannot stop us. we have to take the karna kundal to foil kansa’s plan.

Precap: Kanha and garud dev reach the surya lok. All people of vrindavan turn to demons and radha is followed by the demons.

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