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Patiala Babes 22nd April 2019 Written Episode Updates

Ashok’s business partner Mr. Wadia confronts him for getting 2 more partners from his family into business without informing him. Ashok says they are trustable and he need not worry. He says he got a profitable business offer and explains that a wedding baraat was traveling from Amritsar to Chandigarh in a bus, their bus broke down and they are sitting in a dhaba, so they need 15 taxis from Amritsar to Chandigarh and are ready to pay in cash. In police station, Laala informs Hanuman that he got a wireless message that someone is peddling drugs in a wedding baraat’s bus heading from Amritsar to Chandigarh and baratis does not know about it, so they should go and catch culprits immediately. Hanuman says they should check each and every vehicle passing via check post and leaves with his whole team. On the other side, Wadia tries to convince Ashok. Mita opposes and asks Wadia to ask customer to download their app and book via it. Wadia says how will they download in distress. Mita says when they can call him, they can even download app and book. Ashok says she will not understand, it is India and not her London. Wadia offers 10,000 rs advance which Ashok accepts and calls his employee to arrange cabs.
Babita prepares food for police department and offers some to taste to Nayeem bi. Nayeem bi tastes samosas and says she did not know samosa can be made without oil. Minnie pulls her legs. Babita says she has to write down calories on each box. Nayeem bi says if her mother had heard about it, she would have laughed out loudly. Their conversation continues. Minnie orders microwave oven, etc., over phone. Babita asks why she is ordering costly items. Minnie says these are necessary for their business and sticks Patiala babes ke bolte masale sticker on tiffins. Nayeem asks if masalas talk. Minnie says Babes kitchen masalas do laugh, sing, taunt, etc.. They get ready to leave for police station. Minnie asks Nayeem bi to break coconut in front of scooter when she starts it. Nayeem bi does same. Minnie rides scootie with Babita as pillion.

Babita and Minnie reach police station and ask constable if Hanuman is in. Constable says whole team has gone to nab goons and are returning with goons. Minnie excitedly says she wants to see Hanuman as dabang officer catching goons. Hanuman returns with culprits with mask on their faces and once he removes mask, they are shocked to see Ashok. Minnie cries what did Papaji do this time and continues venting out her frustration. Mita returns home and panics describing how Hanuman nabbed Ashok in drug peddling case without any warrant and asked her to come to police station if she needs any proof. She continues crying that she could not save Ashok and asks Sukhi to take her to police station. In police station, constable questions Ashok since how long he is peddling drugs and since he is from London if even foreign gang is involved. Ashok shouts to get him water. Hanuman enters and asks constable not to question him more.

Precap: Biji calls Babita and asks if she thinks Ashok can be a drug peddle. Babita says no. Biji asks her to speak to Hanuman then to free Ashok.

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