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Pyaar Ke Papad 19th April 2019 Written Episode Updates

The Episode starts with Triloki saying Shivika won’t marry in this house if havan doesn’t happen and dosh is cleared, you all have to get a bath and come for havan on mahurat. Omkar asks him not to worry, mahurat won’t pass. Omkar gets water from outside. Triloki asks Omkar to clean the place for Shuddikaran, mahurat will end soon, how will he manage with little water. Jaya smiles. Omkar smiles and removes his clothes. He pours the water on him and then wipes the ground. Jagat and Mangal do the same. Gupta smiles. Omkar says its done, now we will go and change clothes, you prepare for havan.

Everyone comes for the havan. Triloki asks them to not talk now and just do the rituals. Jaya says we will do as you said. Triloki says I have made this house map, the people should write their names

in their portions, then we will start havan. Jagat says we never thought of this. Triloki says I didn’t ask you to divide the house, I know you all have much love between you. GST asks what’s this new rule, I never heard of this. Triloki says you started arguing. Omkar says I won’t do this, this puja can’t divide us. Triloki says let the married couples do this. Jagat and Mangal say its fine, we will just write the name. Triloki smiles and thinks they will soon be divided.
Maya says what are you saying. Triloki says now sit to pray. He does the havan and says one who earns the most will put more Ahuti. GST says I don’t know this new puja, I will learn this but I didn’t understand. Omkar says I understood, fine we will do. He sees his brothers. Roothe khwabo….plays… Omkar signs Jagat and Mangal. They put the Ahuti together. Omkar smiles.

Triloki shouts and asks what did you do. They say Swaha. Omkar says we agreed to you, we have equal shares in this house, our love is overpowering all Grahs. GST praises them. Triloki stares. He gets the paper and thinks to use it on time. Alankar throws oil so that Shivika falls on her. Deenu falls on Alankar. He asks were you waiting for me to fall down, leave me. Alankar says don’t knw how oil has come here, I fell down while saving Deenu. Devki asks Shivika to take tiffin for Triloki. Alankar asks shall I come along and meet Triloki. She says yes hurry up.

Triloki feels hungry. Mangal and Jagat laugh. Omkar sees Triloki and serves food for him. Jaya says I will take it. Triloki throws the kheer. Jaya starts crying. Omkar asks what’s this way, why did you insult the food. Triloki says you are insulting my Dharm, I won’t eat food here. Omkar says then you should not wear clothes and shoes, everything doesn’t come from puja people house. Triloki says I gave this message to Shivika. Jaya says Shivika didn’t tell us, she did a mistake, we got insulted. Omkar gets sad. Shivika and Alankar come here with food. Triloki says you got much late, I just eat food made at home. Jaya recalls Triloki’s plan to turn Shivika bad in their eyes.

Triloki gets slapped by Gupta. Shivika stops Omkar and takes her dad with her.

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