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Raja Beta 22nd April 2019 Written Episode Updates

The Episode starts with Purva coming to the dining table and eats fruits. Vedant comes to her and asks if she can eat all these fruits or want to spend sometime with him. Purva asks him not to have any wrong thoughts. She coughs. Vedant asks if you say like this then…He asks do I have to pay tax? Purva asks him to listen to wife and don’t go outside when she is talking. She goes to her room. Vedant is about to go following Purva. Dadi comes there infront of Vedant and teases him saying her grand son used to massage her feet etc. Vedant asks her to go to room and says I will come. Sanju comes to Pankhudi’s room in the staff quarters and decorates the table with flower petals and candles. I love you song plays….Pankhudi asks why did you come here? Sanju tells her that he came to hear I love you from you and says now they have licence, and asks her to tell. Pankhudi asks him to leave. Sanju tells that he is a crazy guy and has risked his life once and asks her to say I love you. He asks her to tell if she loves him. Pankhudi thinks she can’t let him go from her hand, and thinks to trap him until she succeed. She asks him to do something which will convince her and asks him to wait till marriage. Sanju asks her to be vocal with her feelings and tells that he has married her in his heart and knows how to snatch his thing.
Vedant massages Dadi’s feet. Dadi blesses him and then asks him to go, Purva must be waiting. Vedant says yes. Dadi says if I would have been at your place, then I would have gone. She tells him that Sanju and Pankhudi are suitable for each other. Vedant asks her not to worry and asks her to sleep. Next morning, Purva wakes up and finds Vedant siting near the bed. He brings bed tea. Purva says you woke up so early for me. Vedant says for you and because of you. He shows the video in which she is snoring. Vedant says this snoring sound ordered me to wake up. Purva says she was very tired. He asks her to drink tea. Purva drinks tea and tells that it is good. Vedant asks her to get from the bed fast and tells that Sanju and Pankhudi’s roka date will be finalized. She tells that Dadi told about shopping.

Pankhudi comes to Sanjeevani sadan and counts the steps and thinks the number of steps she takes inside, the same number of steps, Purva takes for outside. She thinks to snatch her place. She comes to kitchen and greets everyone. Dadi asks Purva what she is making today? Purva says she is making kheer as Vedant likes it. Dadi says it is good. Radhika appreciates Purva. Manjula says we will make Pankhudi keep the kheer as bhoj. Pankhudi gets upset. She takes the kheer for the bhog. Pandit ji says I will take out the good mahurat and asks them to keep the bhog. Manjula asks Purva to keep the bhog. Dadi says today god will be happy as the kheer is made by my Purva. Pankhudi says this kheer is curdled. Pandit ji says this is inauspicious and we have to get mahurat some other day. Pankhudi says this mahurat will never be taken. Pandit ji leaves. Sanju asks Purva why she made curdled kheer. Ramesh says she don’t want my son to marry. Vedant says she will not do this intentionally. Dadi asks them to stop it. Sanju asks Ramesh to call other Pandit and says Maa will make kheer. Ramesh says roka ceremony will happen tomorrow and will be very grand. He applies Tilak to Sanju and Pankhudi. Sanju holds Pankhudi’s hand and signs her to touch his feet.. They take all elders’ feet. Sumiti recalls seeing Pankhudi in kitchen. Fb ends.

Ramesh tells that a special guest Chaturvedi and his son are coming tomorrow to see Radhika. Sumiti says you told the real good news now. Narendra tells Radhika that it is a parents’ dream to do their daughter kanyadaan. Ramesh tells Purva that no abshagun shall happen tomorrow else I will not bear. Vedant comes to Dada ji’s photo frame and says Sanju’s roka ceremony is going to happen, and I will try to keep the family united. Purva comes to him and tells that whatever happened today is not because of me, I don’t know how the kheer got curdled. Vedant keeps her hand on his chest and says do you trust me. She says more than myself. He says even I trust you fully and says I want you to make arrangements with me. She says what about Radhika. Vedant says I will meet prateik soon and asks her to say like Dadi used to say that mera Vedant haina…Purva smiles and hugs him.

Precap: Vedant shows chain to Purva and winks his eyes. Pankhudi thinks she has to do something big so that Purva gets blamed badly.

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