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Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 22nd April 2019 Written Episode Updates

Shamsher shows a boy Rakesh’s photo and says we have to marry Kinjal. Roop says but.. Shamsher says she can study after marriage, you have to find about this guy as they are coming today.

Bua says to Kinjal that look at guy’s photo, Roop and Shamsher chose him. Kinjal cries and says I want to study. Ishika comes there. Bua says you have to marry, she leaves. Kamla says you will have to marry someday, she leaves. Kinjal cries and tells Ishika that she wants to study, help her. Ishika says they will not listen to me, you have to fight for yourself. Ishika recalls Himani and Jigna changing their sides. Kinjal says you cant leave me alone, you have to fight for me. Ishika hugs her and thinks she has to do something.

Roop calls Shamsher and says I found that Rakash is from a good family, they are nice. He ends call and says Kinjal can continue her studies after marriage.
Ishika says to Shamsher that you should think that Kinjal is studying. Shamsher says Roop is with me, you are just boring woman for him, leave him. Ishika says we understand each other as he understands my rhythm, I will fight against wrong all the time. Shamsher says I wont let you destroy my plans. She leaves. Bua says to Shamsher that Ishika and Roop will fight over Kinjal’s marriage. Shamsher says Roop agreed to this marriage.

Shamsher’s family meets Rakesh’s family. Bua serves them. Rakesh’s mother asks to call Kinjal. Ishika says Kinjal will not come here as she doesnt want to marry. Rakesh’s mom asks why you called us then? Bua says Ishika jokes a lot. She grabs Ishika. Ishika says I am not joking, Kinjal doesnt want to marry. Roop pulls her aside and says my decision is final, she will marry, they are ready to make her study after marriage, I am doing good for her. Ishika says you promised a lot to me before marriage but you changed. Ishika says to Rakesh’s mom that Kinjal doesnt want to marry, inlaws dont let you have freedom to be successful, I was promised to happy and have life partner but what happened.. Kinjal will marry after completing her studies. Roop says enough, you are misbehaving with them. Ishika says Kinjal is alone so I am on her side. Rakesh’s mom says I want to ask Kinjal. Kinjal comes there. Rakesh says I dont care about anyone, he asks Kinjal if she accepts this proposal? Kinjal looks at Jigna and says I am ready to marry. Flashback shows how Himani and Jigna told her that Roop is doing all this to save Shamsher’s life and they ended their dream because of it. Flashback ends. Kinjal says its my decision. Shamsher asks Rakesh if he accepts proposal too? He says yes. Shamsher says great, we will continue rituals.

Scene 2
Roop says to Ishika that you got your answers? Ishika says you changed your sisters and all because of your father. Kamla says Ishika.. Roop says we will talk today. Ishika says you are doing all this for your father, you separated me from this family so you will have to choose between me and my father. Roop says you have made this easy for me, I choose my father, he gave me life, I am all this because of him, you want me to leave him? I understand now that I did a mistake by marrying you. Ishika cries and says thank you for telling me all this, she leaves.

Ishika packs her bags and starts leaving house. She touches elders’ feet and goes to door. Ishika says today I became really alone. She leaves from house. Roop doesnt stop her.

PRECAP- Jigna says to Roop that we will go to Ishika, tell her everything and bring her back. Bua hears it and says we have to stop them.
Shamsher says to Bua their plan will fail.

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