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Shakti 22nd April 2019 Written Episode Updates

The Episode starts with Soumya thinking of Nani standing in the kitchen. Raavi comes to her and asks what she was thinking? Soumya says I was thinking about the sacrifices of my family members, and says I don’t know how to lower everyone’s favor. Raavi asks her to start her new life and asks what she is making? Soumya says she is making Aloo puri and kheer, and asks her to tell what she wants to eat. Raavi says you are already making so many dishes, what to ask more. She takes water from the fridge. Soumya thinks haldi is finished and thinks to ask preeto. Raavi brings water and asks Preeto to drink. Soumya comes out and asks why you are wiping the floor, I will do after cooking. Preeto says she will do and asks her if she wants her to become fat. Soumya says turmeric is over. Preeto asks Raavi to bring from a neighbor then realizes and asks Soumya to make it without haldi. Raavi says although we have won the court case, but lost people’s support. Preeto says they will be habituated to this change soon and asks her to do poocha in other room.
Harman beats on the plate and tells that he is hungry. Veeran says Harman is very hungry. Harman asks Soumya to bring breakfast. Soumya says I am bringing, but not first for you. She serves to Preeto first. Sindhu comes there and calls Soumya as bhabhi. She congrats her and says I knew that you will win. Veeran says Sindhu. Sindhu says I know that you will win, and tells that she brought gift for Soham. Harak Singh and Preeto get happy. Sindhu hugs them. Preeto says you are looking so beautiful. Sindhu hugs Veeran calling him Papa. He says I am seeing you after many days. Sindhu says I missed you. Veeran says even I missed you. Harman says you was small few years back and is now grown up. Sindhu says I will be small for you forever. Harman says your bhabhi made aloo puri today. Sindhu sits with them. Soumya tries to serve her. Sindhu tells about her mannat. Preeto tells that she don’t think that she can fulfill her mannat. Soumya asks Preeto to let sindhu fulfill her mannat. Harman says Sindhu will return and have food. We all shall go and eat food after coming back. Veeran says lets go. They all go to temple.

They offer prayers in the temple. Preeto says lets go and feed the beggars. Sindhu tells the beggars that they have kept this Bhandara for a kinnar’s victory and if anyone has problem that can go. The beggar tells that they just know that they will be fed and they don’t care about the mannat. Harman, Raavi and Sindhu feed the beggars. Soham starts crying. Preeto asks her to go home. Harman says I will drop you. Soumya says house is near, I will go. Harman drops her outside the temple.

Soumya is walking on the road and comes to a shop. She asks the shop keeper to give powder for the rashes. Shop keeper says yes and asks which powder you want? Soumya says I am not much educated and asks him to give the best powder. Shop keeper thinks to take advantage of her illiteracy and gives expired powder. Soumya buys the powder and comes home. She sprinkles powder on Soham’s chest and back. Baby starts crying and gets rashes. Soumya calls Harman and asks him to come home. Doctor comes home and checks Soham and then the powder. He asks who bought this powder. Soumya says she bought it. Doctor says this is a expired powder and asks how they can do such a mistake. Harman says we will not do this mistake again. Doctor prescribes lotion for Soham. Soumya says sorry to Soham and says your mum is illiterate. Harman says no. Preeto asks Soumya not to blame herself and asks her not to worry. Soumya runs to room thinking about the promise which she made to Surbhi and talks to Nimmo’s pic. She says you didn’t send me to school as I was a kinnar. I couldn’t study and the worldly things.

She says how I will raise my child and bring him up. Harman comes to Soumya and says your childhood will return. She says the dream which every girl sees since her childhood, I will give you that life. He says you will get educated and will learn worldly things and will educate Soham. He promises to fulfill all her dreams. Soumya gets emotional. Harman asks her to tell her dreams one by one and tells that he will fulfill it one by one. Soumya says it is not necessary. Harman says it is necessary for me and says I want you to have full right on everything. Preeto and others come there. Preeto asks her to tell about her dreams and remembering everything well. Soumya tells about her dreams. Harman says we will start with Soumya’s first dream and smiles.

Precap: Harman tries to get Soumya admitted in school. Sindhu tells that she is a teacher and asks Soumya to meet in the school tomorrow.

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