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Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 22nd April 2019 Written Episode Updates

Radika comes home and the doorbell rings. She wonder who was here. It was Arnav, and tells Dadi he went for an interview. Radhika asks about selection, but Arnav was upset and says he wasn’t. Radhika assures he will soon get the best, and goes to get him juice. Arnav hears Rohan speaking on phone about Pari. He explains on phone that Pari was carefully selected as a ‘Complete Woman’ model, she has a different innocence and rawness; she isn’t like the conventional model and represents a complete woman well. He is soon leaving for Puna. His connection goes weak. Arnav thinks Rohan impressed Pari through his photographer image, and steals the camera from Rohan’s bag. In the hall, Arnav finds no place to go with the camera and hides it behind a cushion, under the sofa and later in Mishti and Pari’s room’s cupboard.
Radhika comes looking for Arnav with the juice. Arnav lies he had to receive a phone call. Radhika was concerned that he is sweating. Arnav says the temperature is 40C today. Radhika thinks he is quite tensed, and prays Arnav gets a good job soon.

Rohan was about to leave with his camera. He feels the bag was light in weight, looks inside to find the camera had been missing. He tries to recall where he left it.

Mishti finds Rohan’s camera in her cupboard. She plays the photos in it and was shocked to see her clicks. She was upset at once.

Radhika sat with Sukhmani. She assures Arnav is trying, he needs courage and soon he will get the job. She tells Sukhmani that Arnav was really tensed when he came over, he didn’t want to share his tension to her. Their children have grown up. Radhika thinks about taking Veer’s reference to get him some job. She calls Arnav to bring his resume.
There in the room, Rohan caught Mishti with his camera. He walks inside and grabs his camera. Both stare at each other. Rohan explains these photos were clicked quite earlier, technically when he didn’t know she was Veer’s fiancé. Mishti recalls him unwinding her hair bun and clicking the photo. Rohan reminds Mishti the time they met in restaurant, he still didn’t know she was Veer’s fiancé. Mishti requests him to delete all these photos. She thinks please stop staring this way and look away, he doesn’t realize how she feels. Rohan says he clicked photos, not sin; he can’t delete them. Mishti inquires what he will do with them. Rohan says for Mishti these might only be photos, but for him these are memories of first meeting with someone. A few matters have no option for delete. He will erase them if his heart is able to. Both look at each other hurtfully, Rohan walks away.

Radhika takes the resume and says she will speak to Veer about his job. Arnav says he has already applied in a few places. Radhika says it’s a help for her children. Arnav says he doesn’t want a job on the basis of recommendation. Radhika says she doesn’t want to degrade him, it’s only a help. Sukhmani hugs Radhika and thanks her; she always has a solution to all her problems. Sukhmani was emotional, and accepts that Radhika made Tani’s admission possible as well. Radhika asks when this role reversal took place; and hugs Sukhmani. She tells Sukhmani to party hard, she will soon get a good news for them. Sukhmani tells Arnav she wish he gets a job at Veer’s office. Arnav asks her to have faith in him, he is MBA and will get a good job. Arnav was tensed that he left Rohan’s camera in Mishti’s cupboard, they must have fought badly.

Rohan comes to the room furious over Mishti’s demand. He stands in front of mirror and speaks to himself that Mishti belongs to his best friend, he must wake up as this is all wrong. He will have to delete her from his life and heart. He watches the photos again, and thinks it seems she is made for him only. He has been unsuccessful in controlling his feelings, what to do.

Arnav calls on Pari’s number. She doesn’t take the call. Pari doesn’t take the call as she had to speak to Rohan. Arnav tries the call repeatedly. Pari was annoyed that she was calling him but he didn’t take it, now she is busy and needs to speak to Rohan. Arnav was annoyed and cuts the call.

At home, Mishti was preparing noodles. She passes by Rohan’s room. Her hair fly through heavy air. She unwind her hair and comes to the room. She looks around at his belongings, finds his clothes and tries to smell them. Rohan comes from behind. Mishti was startled, and the bowl of noodles spill over the floor. He asks what she is trying to find here.

PRECAP: Mishti thinks she has no reply to his question, she feels strange when around him. Rohan thinks he is now sure she also feels for him. Later Mishti gets a call from Veer. He was concerned, but Mishti asks him to let her alone for some time.

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