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Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 19th April 2019 Written Episode Updates

The Episode starts with Zaroon colliding with Kainat. He sees her and recalls her pic. A guy looks on and asks her to go to Dargah. He says he is my uncle’s daughter, why are you waiting here, come for Namaaz. Zaroon thinks what’s happening. Kainat thinks why is he staring at me. Everyone prays. Kainat prays that his life partner loves her. The guy prays for his love Kainat. Dada ji wishes to find a nice guy for Saltanat. Zaroon greets Dada ji and goes.

Zaroon goes to look for Kainat. He sees Saltanat and thinks why did she start this game again, did she identify me. Dada ji stumbles. Zaroon helps him and hears Dada ji telling Saltanat that she is his grand daughter, and she should keep a dupata over head, she carries his pride. Zaroon smiles and goes after her. She asks him to take her number from Neelam. She says she is interesting. Saltanat greets Dada ji. Everyone dines. Dada ji says if Mamoon’s son came in Uras, it would have been good, anyways, he is coming tomorrow. Kainat smiles.
Dada ji talks to his son. He says spending without need is bad, you all stay happy. He goes. Neelam show Saltanat about Zaroon’s message. They think to go and meet him. Saltanat meets Zaroon and shows him the city. Lag ja gale….plays…. He smiles seeing her. They go for boat riding. Neelam doesn’t accompany them. Saltanat asks how did you like our Ajmer, no guide would have taken you. He asks the reason for becoming his guide. He offers his friendship. She refuses. He holds her hand and smiles. Kuch keh sake….plays…. He asks her to take him to Delhi, along with her. She smiles. He jumps back in the waters. His dream breaks. She asks him not to dare hold her hand, he may get any mode of transport. They come back to the shore. Neelam asks Zaroon to be there and catch the train. Zaroon smiles and says this game will end in one day, you will fall in love with me, I came to refuse, but I chose my bride, that’s you Saltanat.

Zaroon is at Dargah. He prays to get his love. A man stops someone from praying at Dargah and says you aren’t a Muslim, I will offer flowers on your behalf. Zaroon stops him and says beliefs are valued here, not religion, everyone knows that there is no biasing in this Dargah. He asks the Hindu man to go in and pray as he wishes, Khaja Sahib is of everyone. Saltanat looks on and smiles. Zaroon runs to catch the train. Saltanat sees him coming to catch the train and running. She gives her hand to him. She gets him on board. Mere haath me…plays.. Zaroon asks her to accept friendship now. Saltanat smiles and accepts his friendship. Kainat comes there in burqa, and sees them together. She thinks Saltanat is getting friendly with strangers.

Mamoon comes and hugs Dada ji. H calls Zaroon inside. Everyone meets Zaroon.

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