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Udaan 22nd April 2019 Written Episode Updates

The Episode starts with Chakor asking Sameer to take Anjor and leave. They leave. Bhanu says last time you got saved, but this time I will see you burning. Chakor scolds him. He provokes the villagers. They hit stones at her. Bhanu says she has left you all here and spent life in Mumbai, you should punish her. Chakor says you can try anything, I won’t lose easily, these people and village are mine, you tell me, what can you do to harm me, I m innocent, give me a chance to speak, Bhanu is the culprit. The villagers don’t listen. Bhanu says stop, will you kill her so easily, have some fun. He says Chakor you did a big mistake by coming here, no see what happens with you.

Sameer stops the man. He says I m going back to Aazaadgunj. Anjor asks why, we just got saved. Sameer says Chakor risked her life for us. Anjor says I know her, she will try to find some way out, you come with me. He asks how can you be so selfish, your mum has risked life to save us. Lallan takes Chakor and ties her up. Bhanu signs him. They torture Chakor. Bhanu says this is just a beginning, just see what happens now, you were Devi for the villagers, you saved them from bandhuagiri. She recalls. Sameer sees a blanket and a sickle. He takes that and covers himself. He goes ahead. Chakor says I m innocent, let me explain myself. Bhanu tortures her. Goons make Sameer fall in the deep pit and laugh. Sameer tries to get free. Bhanu plays dhol and asks Chakor where is Anjor, who will come to save her now. Anjor comes to help Chakor.
She takes a water pipe and makes Chakor rid of the ants. Chakor asks Anjor to just go, her life is in danger. Anjor throws water at Bhanu and Lallan. They fall down. Bhanu shouts at her. Anjor runs to free Chakor. She asks her not to worry. She asks are you fine. Chakor says just go, don’t worry for me. Anjor says come mumma. Chakor looks at her. They run from there. Bhanu shoots at them. He follows them. Sameer comes there and doesn’t see anyone. He thinks where is Chakor, something bad is going to happen, I have to find them. Bhanu throws a knife at Chakor. She gets stabbed in her leg and falls down. He asks Lallan to catch them. Anjor asks Chakor to come fast. Chakor says just go, your life is in danger. Anjor says I won’t go, come with me fast. Anjor sees goons following. She picks the knife and threatens Lallan. Bhanu looks on.

Anjor gets caught by Lallan. Chakor worries. Bhanu says get them to haveli.

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