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Vighnaharta Ganesh 19th April 2019 Written Episode Updates

The episode starts with ravana telling the story ahead. Shani is crying and he says mother, please don’t go, you wont leave me like this. shani pleads devi chaya to stop. Surya dev tells devi chaya, remember the promise you made devi chaya that when you would see your son, you would merge back into devi sandhya. Devi chaya looks at shani and smiles, she says don’t worry son, I will always be with you. devi chaya is being stopped by shani, she says I swear you on me, don’t stop me. shani cries and says why did you do that mother? Devi manda is sad and cries too.
Devi chaya goes and merges into sandhya as her form disappears. Shani says no! he cries. Shandi falls at his knees and touches the shadow of devi sandhya and cries. surya dev feels sad and devi sandhya says don’t cry son. surya dev touches shani’s head and says son, devi chaya had to go due to her promise but your family is still here. Devi sandhya is your mother and I am your father, we are here for you so don’t cry. Shani is angry and he gets up and says don’t touch me, surya dev is taken back. Shani says you both are selfish, you take away my mother from me for your selfish reason, you made me an orphan. Surya dev says but son… shani says no, I don’t want to listen to any of you as I don’t accept you as my parents now, you are not my father. surya dev gets angry and says enough, I had enough of your ego and anger! Every time you come here you create a problem and I tried to be good to you, but you insult me in return. Surya dev says what are you? why are you so egoistic? I am surya dev, and I give life giving light to the entire universe, I have this huge palace and without me the universe is in darkness, but still I am not egoistic! What do you have to be so egoistic about? Shani says okay then, I will prove to you what I am worth. I will meditate and my position will be higher than yours, you will see. Shani goes.
Devi manda follows as shani is angry and she stops him. manda says swami, I was still there! Did you forget about me? why did you leave me there alone? Shani stops and realizes his mistake and says devi manda, I am sorry I had lost control of my anger and so I forgot but why would I leave you there alone? Devi manda says swami, you said you would marry me. shani says yes devi manda, but first I have to protect to surya dev what I can do, I have to meditate and after that I shall marry you. devi manda says swami, I have waited for years so that your meditation would be over! Now you want me to wait more for you, how many years do I have to give a test of my love?
Shani says okay then devi, I shall marry you but after that I have to meditate as I have promised so. Shani and devi manda get married and devi manda is happy, at night in her palace room, it is all decorated! Devi manda waits for shani to come, she says I have been waiting for this moment for so long, swami will look at me and I am so excited. Shani comes praying om namaha shivay! As he chants the mantra, shani walks past devi manda without looking at her and keeps chanting the mantra all night standing in the balcony. Devi manda is shocked and sad, she waits. After a long time in the night, as the sun rises devi manda is angry. Shani keeps chanting and devi manda says swami, I waited all night for you but you did not even look at me once? I waited for this so long, but you were so deep in your prayers that you have completely forgotten me. shani is sad. Devi manda says I gave you so much for years, gave all my love to you but you couldn’t even look at me once? I curse you, from now one whatever thing you look at will be destroyed. Shani is shocked and he turns back and looks at 4 things, all of them get destroyed. Shani looks at the wall and it gets destroyed too. shani looks away from devi manda, devi manda realizes her mistake and is crying. Shani says what have you done devi manda? I told you that after we marry I had to meditate and prove my worth, so where did so much anger come from? You have been with me so much that you lost your temper too? now even if I want to look at you, I wont be able too.
Devi manda cries and says what have I done?
Ganesh then gives water to ravana and thinks, he drank so much water but still doesn’t want to pee, I have to wait for some more time.

Precap: Ravana tells the story while mushak plans to push dashanand ravana while he drinks water. Shani meditates to mahadev standing on one leg on a mountain.

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