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Yeh Teri Galiyan 22nd April 2019 Written Episode Updates

Ridoy hugs Asmita and comes close to her. Asmita says Ridoy please listen stop it. Asmita shoves him and runs. She recalls what Shan said. Asmita says what should I do and who should I tell. Shan wakes up and says Asmita. Doctor says calm down please.

Beauty says to Paro once we get the property, our missions would be done.
Asmita and Riidoy are in car. Ridoy says asmita are you normal now? Forget all this nervousness. You have to accept and enjoy the life.

Asmita recalls her moments with Shan. She recalls Chanda. Asmita recalls her fights with shan. SHe gets out of the car. Ridoy says what happened. She says let’s get fresh air. Asmita walks on the pram. Ridoy sits with her. HE comes close t her. Some thugs annoy Ridouy and Asmita. Asmita asks them to leave.

Nevi says what should I do. Ridoy is with her there. Shan has to go and ruin it.
Ridoy and Asmita come to hotel. Ridoy has gotten everything ready. Asmita feels weird. Asmita sees Shan around. Ridoy says what are you thinking? She says nothing.

Ridoy pulls her and says lets go.
Paro comes and says Shan is asleep? She takes off the sheet. SHan isn’t there. Paro says where did she go.

Ridoy says welcoe asmita. Did you like it? She says that.. He says we have a lot of surprises coming. He gives her an i love you car. Asmita cough. She rushes in restroom. Asmita sees Shan outside He says you look worried. Asmita is dazed.

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