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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 19th April 2019 Written Episode Updates

Sameer greets Anand with a smile. They act normal in front of him. Anand asks Naina if Bela called her. Where is your bag? Sameer replies that it is ready. Naina is practising since long to leave me and house both! Anand smiles. Sameer does not let Naina bring her suitcase and goes to bring it himself. Naina pours water for Anand sadly. She even cries in the kitchen but wipes her tears before going in front of Anand. Sameer brings her suitcase. Sameer and Naina stare at each other. Naina leaves with Anand. Sad Ye Un Dino Ki Baat song plays. Naina turns to look at Sameer but he has turned his back to her. By the time he looks in her direction, she has walked out of the house. He heads inside. Naina looks back again but does not see him. She steps out of the threshold. Sameer looks at the

door and sits down on the chair sadly.
Anand brings Naina to his new home. He tells her that they had to leave the house. There used to be something or other always! She reasons that he loved that house. He says we have to sometimes leave the place which we love for our loved ones! He rings doorbell. Preeti opens the door and shouts at her mother that Naina is here. Naina asks her why she dint tell her about the new house. Bela does her aarti. Naina gets teary eyed the moment she enters. She hugs Bela and cries. Anand tells Naina to freshen up and asks Bela to serve dinner. Naina says she isn’t hungry but Bela says I have been toiling hard for you since morning. Naina mumbles that Sameer’s words were enough. Preeti teases her using Sameer’s name. Naina goes to her room. Bela takes Preeti with her to kitchen.

Lambi Judaai song plays as Naina and Sameer cry at their respective houses.

Naina says it changes in a second. Do you like it here? Preeti tells her she does not have to stay here forever. I will get married some day! Naina tells her that marriage is nothing special. You will later remember these moments only. Preeti does not mind it. I will get married whatever you say! Tell me something interesting about you and Sameer. Naina dismisses the topic. Let’s sleep. Preeti asks her if they fought. Naina calls it normal. Preeti smiles. I saw it on Uttarayan. Who says sorry? Naina replies that no one says it. Preeti nods. People look up to Heer Ranjha, Laila Majnu but you and Sameer are my examples! Naina lies down saying she is very sleepy. Sameer’s words echo in her mind.

Sameer is lying outside on the garden. He recalls the time spent with Naina in the garden in the past. He tries to romance with her but she asks him to count the stars instead. He very sweetly starts doing that when she laughs. This wont be over ever! He says he does not mind it till the time his favourite star (Naina) is with him. Flashback ends. He looks around for Naina but realises she isn’t there. Naina and Sameer fall asleep while crying.

Kanji is waking up Sameer. Sameer thinks it to be Naina but is startled to see him. Kanji asks for Naina. I wanted to know if I should bring something from market. Sameer replies that she went to her home. I will order something. Kanji keeps smiling. You slept here entire night? Sameer asks him why he is smiling. Kanji says I understand that you were missing Naina. I also sleep under the open sky and count starts when I miss my wife. Sameer asks him to make tea.

Munna calls Sameer. Come asap. Bhabhi is coming. Sameer asks him if he is talking about Naina. Munna explains that I am going to see a girl. Get ready and come asap. Sameer calls it suicide. Munna refuses to listen to him. Pundit and I slogged ourselves to make arrangements of your wedding. Come asap. I know you are sharp. You can judge someone asap. Sameer asks him why he should come. Munna figures out that he fought with Naina. It wont last for long and you guys will be back with each other like before. Now don’t make excuses and come asap. Sameer agrees.

Voiceover – Sameer:
The main reason of the fights between us was Bollywood movies. They taught us that hero heroine marry each other by fighting off all villains. They dint teach us that there were two more villains apart from that – stubbornness and ego! We just couldn’t defeat them!

Naina and Sameer are lost. Landline rings. Naina picks it hurriedly thinking it might be Sameer but it is her Bua calling. She hands over the phone to Bela after normal greetings. Preeti tells Naina she saw how she ran towards the phone. He will enjoy Gangaur with his friends. She goes to bring tea. Naina thinks it is up to him. I am anyways not dying to talk to him!

Munna and his friends come to see the girl.

Voiceover – Sameer:
It is about those days when the guy may not take his family when seeing a girl but he would take his friends. History is a proof that often the girl has chosen either the guy’s friend or the girl’s family has chosen the friend only.

The girl’s family mistakes Sameer to be the prospective groom. The girl’s name is also Swati. Munna panics. How did she come here?

Naina is staring blankly throughout. She composes herself when Anand comes. He asks her if everything is fine. She lies that she was missing their old house. He says we are all missing it but this is it. I will invite Sameer. Naina says he wont come. Anand asks her why.

Precap: The girl likes Sameer and her family congratulates Sameer.

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