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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 22nd April 2019 Written Episode Updates

Anand decides to invite Sameer but Naina says he wont come. Anand asks her why. She lies that Sameer had an important meeting today. She walks away and does not look him in the eye. Anand asks Bela if he does not find it strange that Naina is all quiet. Bela says she has become smarter. This happens after marriage!

Munna and his friends ask about Swati and are relieved to hear that she is her DIL. A lady steps forward. Munna and Sameer find her a little old. Pundit jokes that she will love you like a wife and take care of you like a mother too! The lady turns out to be Swati. Munna heaves a sigh of relief. Rewa comes holding a tray of tea. Munna smiles looking at her. Rewa looks at Munna and then at Sameer. Rewa serves tea to everyone. Sameer recalls the time when Naina had served him tea during his first family visit. Their last night fight flashes before his mind too. Rewa is only looking at Sameer. Munna smiles looking at Rewa. His friends tease him a little. Rewa’s father asks Rewa if she likes the boy. Rewa nods. Her father announces it before everyone. Swati goes to bring shagun.
Naina is writing in her diary. Preeti teases her if she is writing love letter to Sameer. I will just tell Jija ji. Naina tells her against it. They fight for the phone. Preeti feels Sameer will be glad to hear it but Naina offers to tell him herself. Preeti still vows to tell Sameer everything. she snatches the phone our of her hand and runs away.

Rewa’s parents offer shagun to Sameer shocking him and his friends. He clears their confusion that he is Sameer. He points at Munna. Munna says I am well educated and a businessman now. Munna’s father shares that Sameer is married. Manoj is my only son. He will inherit everything. a smart guy checks out the guy’s face and earnings. Sameer recalls last night’s incident. Rewa’s mother apologizes for the misunderstanding. Sameer excuses himself. I have to go and bring Naina home or she will turn into her angry avatar. His friends nod. Rewa looks at Sameer as he leaves.

Naina is sitting quietly in a corner. Doorbell rings incessantly. Bela opens the door. Naina stops in her tracks hearing the word Damad ji. She fixes her hair. Bela calls out to Naina. Naina and Sameer look at each other. Anand tells Bela that he called Sameer so he can have food with them. Preeti says it is good that you united two love birds. Naina was so lost without you. Sameer would have anyways come on his own if Papa had not brought him here. He cannot live without Naina after all! Bela goes to bring tea. Anand asks Sameer about his work. Naina told me you are working really hard in factory. Mama ji’s words haunt Sameer while Naina is thinking about Sameer’s words. Preeti tells Sameer that Naina wrote something for him in her diary. Naina and Sameer stand up and have angry expressions on their faces. Their family looks at them puzzled. Munna and Pundit come with dhol just then. Sameer asks them how they are here. Munna and Pundit say they have been looking for him. They invite Anand and family for Munna’s wedding. Naina and Sameer raise hands to wish Munna at the same time but withdraw their hands. Sameer asks Munna if Rewa said yes for him. Munna says she said yes for you but you are married so she ended up saying yes to me! Preeti asks him what he means but they agree to share that story some other time. Pundit wonders when he will get married. Munna teases him that it wont happen.

Voiceover – Sameer:
You must be thinking how the girl who liked Sameer agreed to marry Munna. There were no complexities back in those days. The girl’s family handled it sensibly. Munna and his family accepted their decision whole heartedly.

Anand tells Munna to be responsible as marriage isn’t an easy thing to handle. Munna nods. I go to work every day with Papa. Pundit nods. Uncle ji has also booked a personal car for Munna. We will have to call him Manoj ji now, sorry! All of us (friends) will meet Rewa tomorrow. Naina and Sameer will have to dance a lot tomorrow. Preeti says they are bound to as Munna danced so much in their wedding. Pundit asks them if they. They smile awkwardly.

Sameer tries to excuse himself but Bela refuses to let him go empty stomach. Anand asks Sameer to call and postpone the meeting for tomorrow. Preeti hands him the phone. Sameer goes to a corner to make the call. Naina walks to that side of table but they don’t say anything to each other.

Voiceover – Naina:
I used to see scary dreams since beginning but I had never dreamt of me and Sameer separating! Sadly, that dream was going to come true that day!

Anand shares that an alliance has come for Preeti from Bombay. Preeti gets excited. Anand says they have liked Preeti too. Bela is worried about the kundli but Anand assures her that they don’t believe in it. Anand hugs Preeti. He tells Sameer that they will go away for a day or two. Sameer congratulates Preeti. I know you will manage it well as you are not like your sister. Naina nods. The guy is also well educated! Anand tells Sameer to keep visiting the house in their absence. Sameer nods.

Bela gives sweets to Naina to give to Sameer. Naina complies. They both glare at each other angrily. He tells Naina not to think that he came here for her. I came back because of Chacha ji. You are free to come whenever you want to or you can stay here if you wish! I don’t care! She retorts that she isn’t living on the streets anyways. I have a roof over my head! He nods. I will see till when your Chacha ji will keep you here. Naina says he can do that his entire life with love and respect. She keeps the bowl on the table.

Preeti hugs Naina. Come along. Bela says Gangaur is coming. She will keep fast for her husband or go with you? She has to also go to her home. She asks Anand to call her when everything is fixed. Anand nods. Preeti hugs her mother and leaves with Anand.

Voiceover – Naina:
My wedding started on a strange note. I spent the first Uttarayan and Holi on an angry note. I was worried about Gangaur. How will I go to my home? Sameer and I had come so far from each other after all!

Precap: Naina stares at herself blankly in the mirror. Sameer is crying at home. He picks up the phone many times but then disconnects.

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