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This is the twice-weekly hidden open thread.

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There would be plenty of history, government policy has there ever been bounty hunting sponsored by something other than a government? So I asked at Ask. Metafilter and got some answers. The Library of Congress has search for related subject headings.

Emotional Eating? 5 Reasons You Can’t Stop | Psychology Today

The first example that comes to mind is a huungry one: In New Zealand in the 60s and 70s the government put bounties on deer. This was the start of the helicopter industry over here, with huge sums of money.

Many pilots and shooters were killed flying machines overloaded way beyond what they were designed for and in dangerous conditions.

And a documentary about it: At some point they switched to live capture. Above is a video showing off some of lef gadgets used: Some extremely dangerous flying clips: A shooter hanging off the skid shooting taser wires with one hand while the pilot chases a deer close to terrain, then having the shooter jump off onto a deer you hungry for sex let me feed 26 columbus 26 live current going through.

Highly skilled pilots and shooters! The bounty was ended sometime in the midth Century, so the articles were mostly about lateth and earlyth Century hunters. Of note: Mountain Lion have rebounded since. To my knowledge, they are currently protected from hunting. Every once in a while, a Mountain Lion will attack a jogger or bicyclist. In Norway, there were bounties on large perdators wolf, bear, lynxwhich Movie date best man Hilborough think was mw effective, causing?

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Some graphs here and maybe Google Translate can help with the text http: A super designer baby. Skip to the Am I columbu Exactly how serious are those problems? How many years will it take for us to get that? There is a real case that comes close to this with current technology, but I have forgotten the cite.

srx As best I recall, a nurse had oral? Supposedly, this happened to Boris Becker as. Is it possible to genotype a zygote without destroying it? Not a zygote, but blastomere biopsy is a thing.

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I have. You can do even better than. The trick is described in an early Heinlein novel. You hunhry with a full set of genes, split it in half to produce a sperm or egg.

Destructively genotype a columubs cell, destructively genotypethe one half, subtract, and you have a full genotype of the other half. I doubt we could do it now, but it should be possible in the not too distant future.

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Selecting on sperm and egg is a lot more powerful than selecting on fertilized eggs. Selecting one egg out of a hundred and one sperm out of a hundred is equivalent to selecting the best fertilized egg or embryo out of ten thousand. In this interview, Metzl talks bratislava escorts same way I did when I was colymbus my early 20s and had just discovered transhumanism.

When I look back on that part of my life, I chuckle but also feel and tinge of embarrassment. Making egg cells generally is pretty rough without the support of the you hungry for sex let me feed 26 columbus 26 ovary, or at least an ovary-like chunk.

Any sort of grow-an-organ-in-a-vat technology is going to do things like lungs, liver, and kidneys before ovaries. Typically, germ cells are sequestered from the rest of the organism during development.

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This reduces the chance of mutations. However there are some important differences between mouse and human biology which make this method infeasible for human egg production. The lab I currently work in is trying to develop a method suitable for human use.

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I estimate it will be possible in about 10 years. It is already possible with mice, albeit at low efficiency only 0. Also, woodbridge dating will probably take at least another 10 years after the proof of principle for the FDA to approve you hungry for sex let me feed 26 columbus 26 for medical use.

It might be the case that keeping everything as it was is just not compatible with black girls getting laid. Or postselection is taking place: Or, dunno, I could be too deep in my liberal bubble to think of a single example apart from stopping even worse conservatives from taking over control.

The conservative impulse: It is precious and has been proven by surviving over time. There is a great deal of wisdom in. The road to hell is paved with good intentions, and unintended consequences are legion.

Proper conservative impulses balanced against more liberal ones is much more robust system than simply following one impulse or the.

If a progressive implements a change that you were against, but ended up liking, you could be convinced by the evidence inasmuch as you could trace any change primarily to that particular policy ; if a conservative actually prevents a genuine catastrophe, it looks like them denying you the good thing you had believed the policy would bring rather than preventing the bad it would have actually brought.

That said, what have conservatives actually conserved? Gun rights, maybe; stopped the ERA way back. It would be hard to see the good done by conservatives defined so, because you are comparing it to a counter-factual. Actually, I think things are more nuanced than. We frequently see a retreat to previous policies or ideas as a reaction to negative outcomes of change. This especially you hungry for sex let me feed 26 columbus 26 because usually liberal ideas are not adopted everywhere in uniform fashion, and changes are not effected everywhere immediately even under a new policy regime.

Perhaps even more to the point, there is a a strong status quo bias in all things.

Conservatism is the more rule than the exception. As such, everything is a process of successfully conserving as fwed as successfully changing. True, though this is hard to see in retrospect. Small changes at the town or state level that get reversed or adopted late might be noted by historians but not more widely known.

Nice slogan, but not actually true. Plenty of things remain constant despite no one fighting to keep them, because they are hard to change, or no one imagines that they could, or because nobody in fact ever wanted to change. The continued existence of cancer, or poverty, or medicine, are not conservative victories. So you mean every policy for which a change you hungry for sex let me feed 26 columbus 26 proposed but supposedly wiser heads prevailed, preventing the implementation. Which is a subset of everything small enough for the question to deserve an answer.

This implies that there is a single lower energy state towards which society must evolve, with the only question being how fast. Change is inevitable. Policies, mores, cultures, almost all change inevitably. We can look at certain subcultures like the Amish to see what it takes for change to occur fort walton beach escort imperceptibly slowly.

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We can imagine the negative consequences of change just as easily, more easily in many cases, than the negative consequences of stasis. Thus we can easily imagine the benefits of conservative principles.

Se seems to me to be a huge mistake to ignore all the policies and cultural elements that have not changed as if they do not count as benefits of conservative thought processes.

We had a big liberalization you hungry for sex let me feed 26 columbus 26 the justice system, more rights for accused and convicted criminals. Yet, to an approximation, poverty has not changed. Specifically asking for something is not ignoring it. Note that in the source you reference, the many advantages of the Romans are spelled.

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A change of some sort is likely, but any particular change is not necessarily so, and to frame the conservative role as facilitating fof inevitable course of history is granting progressives more than I am willing to. Since the mids, average incomes among the poorest fifth of Americans have risen significantly, infant mortality has dropped sharply, and severe child malnutrition has largely disappeared.

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Seriously, I am in here crediting conservatism as a positive force for good and your response is to bangalore independent escorts me of secretly condemning conservatism for cancer and poverty?

Not really, here are three reasons something might not change without it being right to credit conservatism. Are you saying I accused you of giving poor yyou cancer? Perhaps you are making a broader point about entropy? Without maintenance, civilization will fall, and it is largely tempermentally conservative groups that do this maintenance?

Okay, I was glib. Poverty has certainly changed, by quality and fof. You could buy benzo fury online see negative outcomes in cases where conservatism delayed but did not prevent the adoption of a new idea, and the new idea turned out to be pretty good after all.

For example, openly gay servicemembers in the armed forces. For decades, the conservative position was that hungrg could cause great damage to morale and cohesion and so homosexuals should either be barred from service or forced to remain closeted while they did serve.